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Svaroopa® Yoga,
Embodyment® Therapy,
Healing Touch,
and Reiki
Anita Snellings

Private Sessions Available

"Live life in a peaceful body"

Welcome to Peaceful Body Yoga.

My mission is to support you through your physical experience,
offering gentle yet profound healing therapies to restore
wellness in your mind and body.

Svaroopa® Yoga and Embodyment® Therapy
supports release of muscular tension along your spine
and in the deepest layers of your body.
This is a gentle yet profound style of yoga
that uses props to support “core release”
in tight areas improving flexibility and ease in movement.
The approach is one of allowing your body to move at its own pace without forcing or straining, and is suitable for beginners
and those recovering from injury.

Experience Yoga and Healing in a nurturing, supportive, environment
and understand how it works as you go through the poses.

Hours by appointment only.
(804) 356-7477